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This pack covers anything you may need for your trip to Gillhams Fishing Resorts!


Each pack includes the following items:-


  • Hook baits including pre drilled halibut pellets Sticky baits 'The Krill'  16mm Wafters along with 16mm Sticky Baits 'The Krill' pop-ups,
  • Size 4 xx strong carp hooks,
  • Size 2 predator hooks,
  • Hooklink,
  • Durakord, 
  • Splicing needle,
  • Boilie needle,
  • Long latch needle (ideal for bag work),
  • Blood aligners,
  • Size 8 swivels,
  • OMC Skizzas (scissors),
  • Two packs of 20 slow melt PVA bags (Total 40 bags).

Gillhams Essentials Pack

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