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Fishing in Trinity, Texas

Fishing on the Trinity River, Texas with Captain Kirk Kirkland aboard the Garship Enterprise.

Kirk is the original alligator gar fishing guide in Texas for rod and reel fishing, on a strictly catch and release basis only. Starting in 1999, Kirk has caught alligator gar from Mexico to the Mississippi River and has also covered all parts inbetween!

With his largest alligator gar being 365lbs and 9ft 6in in length, he has caught 6 gar over the magical 300lbs barrier, and each year his trips produce between 1 and 6 fish over 200lbs!

During his time guiding, Kirk has also amassed over 100 IGFA World Records for his clients, a total that no other alligator gar fishing guide has even come close to!

Along with his World Records Kirk has also appeared on television guiding anglers such as River Monsters Jeremy Wade along with the Big Fish Man Jakub Vágner.

What fish species can I expect to find in Trinity, Texas?

Fishing with Kirk in Texas, the trips are primarily based around targeting the Alligator Gar, however you are also likely to encounter other Gar varieties such as Longnose Gar, Spotted Gar, Shortnose Gar, Special Gar and Hybrid Gar.

Other fish spices that you are also likely to come across are Smallmouth Buffalo Carp, Flathead Catfish, Blue Catfish, Black Buffalo Carp, Channel Catfish, Grass Carp, White Crappie, White Bass, Freshwater Drum, and even Common Carp.

When do you fish for Alligator Gar?

The gar fishing starts mid-march and continues all the way through to the end of October.

Do I need to bring any tackle or bait with me to Trinity, Texas?

With affiliations with tackle companies such as Savage Gear, Rat-L-Trap, Power-Pole, Okuma, American Fishing Wire, and Mustad you can be confident that you will be supplied with all of the necessary tackle required for your trip, meaning that you will not have to worry about bringing a thing with you. Bait is also supplied, meaning that you can spend your time targeting the monster garfish!

Will I get a fishing guide in Trinity, Texas?

Yes, you will be fishing with the world renowned Captain Kirk Kirkland for your trip, who has over 20 years fishing experience, and who is, in our opinion, is the number one fishing Alligator Gar fishing Guide in the world, offering truly unique trips and will go anywhere the big gar exist in Texas!


What is the accommodation like in Trinity, Texas?

Kirk has a Texas Country Lodge, which has become very popular with clients. The lodge is conveniently located 3-5 minutes from Lake Livingstone and has the following features: Sleeps up to five people, Wi-fi & satellite television, Microwave oven, coffee maker and refrigerator and Air conditioning. The sleeping arrangements are compromised of two twin beds, two bunk beds and a day bed in the front room in case someone in the party snores!

In Kirks words, “Its not the Ritz Carlton but hey you didn’t come to Texas to see the Opera and eat in a Michelin rated restaurant did you?”

For those who are looking to stay in a hotel, Kirk is located just five miles from town and there are hotels which can be recommended if necessary.


How many people can fish per trip?

Fishing is predominantly in pairs and is priced accordingly, up to six anglers per trip can be hosted.

What else is there to do in Trinity, Texas?

Located in Trinity, Kirk is just five miles from town where you will find numerous bars and restaurants within driving distance.

In Huntsville nearby there are also attractions such as the Huntsville State Park, Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Texas Prison Museum, and the Teysha Vineyard.

Is food and drink included with my booking in Trinity, Texas?

No food or drink is included with this trip. Anglers must provide their own food and drink whilst on board for the day, and there are plenty of local restaurants and bars nearby to keep you satisfied during the evening.

There are local convenience stores nearby to stock up on provisions, with a refrigerator in the lodge to keep your supplies cool.


How do I get to Trinity, Texas?

The best place to fly in to is Houston (George Bush Intercontinental Airport), and then after hiring a car, Kirks lodge is around an hour and a half drive from the airport depending on the local traffic.

Airport transportation can also be arranged for an additional fee, please let us know if you wish to be quoted for this when enquiring.

We do not provide flights nor car hire but can advise you on routes and can also put you in touch with our recommended agent who will be able to find you the best price and arrange these on your behalf if required.

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