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Sticky Baits has the well being of your target fish at the very heart of the company. It knows that your primary focus is on your quarry, and so it aims to align these two drives to create bait that is not only perfectly tailored to the dietary requirements of the carp but also is so enticing that the fish cannot resist.


The Sticky Baits Pure Krill Pop Ups are unique top-quality carp fishing boilies with the pop-up presentation.  The sticky baits pop ups boast a high inclusion level of krill liquid bait and packed with attraction and feeding stimulants to pull fish into your swim and hold them there for a considerable time. It is full of high quality, usable protein and has an excellent fatty acid profile.


Sticky Baits Krill is an extremely nutritious, small, shrimp-like marine crustacean found mainly in the Antarctic Ocean. Much of the planets marine life relies heavily on krill to form a large part of its natural diet and it is used in many commercially available, top-end koi feeds. Looking at its nutritional profile its easy to see why so many fish species find krill irresistible.


Coming in 100g tubs, the mega-buoyant needle friendly pop-ups will stay popped up for several days. 

Sticky Baits 'The Krill' 16mm Pop-ups

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